Our Values

Who We Are

We are a rental shop owned and operated by working  film professionals that for 20 years has been collaborating with amazing producers, production managers, DP’s, camera techs, gaffers, key grips, photographers and dozens of other departments that all make up the film, video, and photo business.  We have worked around the world and met a lot of talented and one-of-a-kind people that all share the same values we do.  We have seen individual creativity and vision work seamlessly with teamwork, which then produces the images and tells the stories that are then shared throughout  the vast media marketplace.  To help us achieve the sometimes seemingly impossible schedules and requests, we have always turned to four simple values.  Keeping those always at the forefront has allowed our company to work with anyone, anywhere, on any type of project.  Our four values have  guided thru solutions and execution of making sure every client is given the tools to create their vision.

Our Team


Dennis O'Deen

Rental Manager/ Grip

Ben Woods

Key Grip

Terry O'Deen

owner/ Gaffer

We're Navigated by Four Values

Creative Process
Taking your vision to new heights.

Working together as a team promotes diversity and creativity.

Taking pride in the caliber of our work, service, and equipment.

A great and positive attitude is a force multiplier.


What Clients Say